25 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50

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$32 at Amazon


Le Creuset mini round cocotte with a gold heart knob

$17 at Asos


True Decadence knot pleated crossbody bag in pale pink

With so many Valentine’s Day gifts for your romantic partner, spouse or friend, it’s easy to see how shopping for the perfect present can become overwhelming. You want to buy something great, but you also don’t want to splurge to the point of emptying your bank account. And sure, you could totally go the box of chocolates and flowers route. But going the extra mile to show your loved one how much you care can earn you extra points. However, this may require some extra creativity on your part. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options to look at.

We went ahead and compiled a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts all priced under $50. If you’re looking for wonderful ideas that skip the norm, we’ve got you covered so you can make this Feb. 14 a fabulous one. Be sure to take a look at our V Day gift guides if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for the food lover in your life, your gal pals, the youngsters in your life and more.


Whether it’s the song that reminds you of your first date or the tune that played during the couple’s dance at your wedding, music can play an important part in your relationship. This Spotify plaque lets you pair a song and picture together. All your Valentine needs to do is scan the Spotify code on their mobile device, and the song will begin to play. Get ready for all the feels.

Rose Farmers

Roses are a traditional choice, but they never fail to delight. And right now, you can get 24 gorgeous long-stem roses from Rose Farmers sent straight to your loved one’s door. These farm-fresh roses come in a variety of colors and normally retail for $85, so you’re getting $35 off with this deal. Simply purchase a voucher at StackSocial (link below), then head on over to the Rose Farmers website to place your order and select your shipping date. Just be sure to get your order in by Feb. 6 to ensure they’re delivered on time.


The title of this game says it all. There are three card categories: talk, flirt and dare. Every card gives prompts for the players to connect in a multitude of ways. There are no rules to follow here, really. All you need to do is have fun, answer each question, follow every flirt or pursue each dare that you’re faced with. The result will enhance the romance and fun in your relationship.


Nothing says camping like kicking back in a hammock and enjoying your surroundings. It’s even better if there’s room for two. This double hammock is durable, lightweight and sure to bring you and your significant other closer on any trip away.


Sure, you can always go the typical chocolate gift route on Valentine’s Day. But if you’re interested in spicing things up a bit, some Taza Mexican dark chocolate may be just what the love doctor ordered. The company offers a range of chocolates that offer different levels of bitterness and flavor to appeal to all tastes. 


Everyone knows the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. And there’s something delightful about an intimate meal at home between you and your partner. The presentation of any meal can level up the dining experience. If you’re looking to exemplify the romantic aesthetic while also staying low key, these little round cocottes from Le Creuset can do the trick.

Uncommon Goods

If your Valentine is a bookworm, this reading valet is a must-have. It can hold a book — and keep your place — a drink, mobile device and reading glasses. A nook for a book is a great addition to any library and it also looks cool, too. 


Whether your Valentine is a fan of Ted Lasso or not, these shortbread biscuits will bring some delectable joy into their lives. There’s a true sense of comfort in the sweetness of each biscuit. Heck, it may get you both in the mood to watch some soccer — we mean, football.


Having the right bag for every occasion can be the icing on the proverbial cake. And considering we’re discussing Valentine’s Day gift ideas, this True Decadence knot pleated crossbody bag brings the romance vibes while also remaining a sleek wardrobe addition. It’s priced at only $16, so you really can’t go wrong.


If you’re shopping for the man in your life, and he happens to have a beard, a beard kit will be appreciated by the both of you. The beard oil and beard balm in the Isner Mile Beard Kit are made with organic ingredients and you’re left with softer and healthier facial hair. It’ll make kissing that face an even more desirable experience.


Level up your significant other’s travel game with this personalized toiletry bag. You can personalize it with a romantic message, their initials or name. The simple, masculine aesthetic and leather feel will make them want to pack it with personal items. They’ll never forget their toothbrush at your place again.

Sterling Forever

Jewelry is always a good look. But it’s no fun to spend a lot of money on jewelry that won’t last, so check out these great options from Sterling Forever that come in silver or gold to complement any skin tone. There’s a lot of jewelry to check out, and all of it will make any person smile on Valentine’s Day.

La Maison Du Chocolat

The city of Paris will inevitably be mentioned in any conversation about romance and love. Instead of simply handing over a box of chocolates, why not surprise them with a box of Parisian macarons? The dessert is so quintessentially France, it’ll be hard not to think about the City of Love when they’re biting into the delicate deliciousness. Has a cookie dessert ever been so romantic? 


Airpods cases can feel so basic. Why not level up your Valentine’s Airpods situation with a leather case from Nomad Goods? This sleek case comes in four different colors and offers a wonderful fit for both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2. And if you’re OK with dishing out $10 more, you can get the Horween leather version, which comes in both rustic brown and black.

Read our review of the Nomad Modern leather Airpods Pro case here.


In love with a makeup lover but don’t know what to get them? Grab a Sephora gift card and let them decide. The lowest price you can get a gift card for is $10, while the highest is $250. No matter the price you choose, this gift will always be appreciated.

Uncommon Goods

There are so many different ways to spice up your relationship. Instead of overthinking things, if you’re shopping for a Valentine that is into food strong flavors, this DIY hot sauce kit is calling their name. You both can have fun getting saucy by creating new and unique concoctions. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own “Hot Ones.”


Self care is a gift that keeps on giving. And with Cratejoy’s Therabox Self Care Box subscription, you can give your Valentine an at-home self-care experience that’ll last. Each month, a new selection of eight full-sized, organic and holistic products are specially curated by therapists with physical and emotional well-being in mind. Every box is valued at roughly $200, so the $40 monthly price is already an outstanding deal. 

Uncommon Goods

Enjoy a tequila with your Valentine with these Himalayan salt shooters. Yes, these glasses are specially crafted from Himalayan salt, meaning they were made for enjoying tequila and mezcal — or any other drink that requires a salty finish. Enjoy a set of four for $20 or add an acacia wood tray for $30 more.

Seattle Chocolate

If you’re going to get someone chocolate this year, why not try something different? Step your chocolate game up and get Seattle Chocolate’s truffles instead. These impressive truffles aren’t too sweet and many of them have tasty flavored centers. A personal favorite is Blackberry Creme — every bite is like a party in your mouth.


Know someone in your life who loves Star Wars, but they already have everything? These adorable pillow cases will make both you and your partner chuckle when you lay your heads down to sleep.

Wear Me Pro Eyewear

Designer sunglasses without the markup? That’s what you can expect from every WMP item. All the classic styles you could want are here. On top of the wonderful style and affordable prices, a percentage of every WMP purchase is contributed to the Arizona Humane Society with the goal of providing essential supplies to help vulnerable animals in need.


Did somebody say breakfast in bed? What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to make your partner a cozy meal at home? Better yet, why not let them sleep in and surprise them with their favorite dish and beverage? You could even buy two of these handy trays. That way, you can enjoy the experience right next to them. Talk about a wonderful way to start the day.

Home Depot

This Hoya Heart plant shows that plants can be just as lovely as flowers. This is a terrific indoor plant for the green thumb in your life who loves to make things grow. Instead of just one plant, you’ll get three to serve as a reminder of your affection.

Uncommon Goods

If your Valentine is a homebody, a jigsaw puzzle is a great option for a gift. Sharing quality time is always worthwhile. And doing so while piecing together this ethereal painting of a flowers should offer a calming, yet playful time together.


Why not give fruit-flavored candy as a Valentine’s Day gift instead of just chocolate? Candycopia’s Valentine’s Variety Tackle Box will give any sweet tooth a sugar rush with its sweet and sour gummies, jelly beans, chocolate dipped goodies and more. 

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