29 Popular Movies People Hate

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“I absolutely hated how they chose to end that movie. … The core of the movie was the relationship between Evelyn and Joy. The movie did an incredible job of showing the relationship dynamics between an emotionally abusive parent and their child. … Joy is suicidal and has spent the entire movie seeking out validation from and connection with Evelyn. The movie very clearly shows us that Joy’s feelings are a result of how Evelyn has treated her. This is seemingly true in every universe. … The movie did a great job showing this kind of relationship, why it’s bad, and even some of the causes of it with the generational trauma aspect.

At the climax of the movie, it tells us that Evelyn has decided to be kind and that she and Joy will mend their relationship. They talk the parking lot, join in a tearful embrace, and heal together. It’s a very touching moment, a happy ending, and gives us all a great resolution to the story… At least that’s what the movie wants you to think.

What we actually see is Joy, having just attempted suicide and having informed Evelyn that their relationship is making them both miserable, telling her mother that she is going to leave. Joy is then is stopped by Evelyn. Does Evelyn apologize for her actions here? No. Instead, Evelyn doubles down on all of the criticism telling Joy that she is fat, selfish, and there is no logical reason for anyone to want to be with her. Then adding that she will also choose to be there with her.

This is not a happy ending; this is not the cycle of abuse being stopped; this is not the end of generational trauma. It’s just Joy returning to the same old toxic relationship where her mother emotionally abuses her, but the movie frames it like it is a heartwarming moment. It’s Evelyn finally giving Joy a shred of the validation she has been seeking, but not actually changing in any meaningful way. It is just solidifying their toxic and abusive relationship, and telling others to do the same.

For me, this ending is so insidious that I can’t enjoy the movie. The core of the movie is a mother-daughter relationship, but they fuck it up so badly at the end. Maybe the writers should have spent less time cramming in one last ‘raccacoonie’ joke and actually devoted an ounce of brainpower to the emotional core of the movie.”


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