‘Chantal and the Magic Kingdom’ Boarded by Picture Tree Intl.

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Picture Tree Intl. has boarded international sales for Constantin Film’s comedy fantasy blockbuster “Chantal and the Magic Kingdom,” which will receive its market premiere in Cannes.

The film has been No. 1 on Germany’s box office charts for four consecutive weeks since its release on March 28, and reached more than 2 million admissions.

“Chantal” is the latest German-language hit from writer-director Bora Dagtekin and producer Lena Schömann. The duo previously delivered “Turkish for Beginners,” the “Fuck You Goehte” franchise and the German remake of “Perfect Strangers,” which have collectively grossed more than $300 million worldwide.

In “Chantal,” the beloved “Fuck You Goehte” character Chantal and her best friend Zeynep are sent on a fantasy adventure into the world of fairytales with a comedic and contemporary twist.

Chantal, an influencer without followers, and Zeynep stumble into the fairytale world through an ancient magic mirror, which they mistake for a social media gimmick. Chantal is delighted: she believes that as a princess, she can generate great content. Unfortunately, it’s not just any fairytale they end up in, but “Sleeping Beauty.”

While Chantal looks for a way back home, she discovers that in the realm of dragons, fairies and other fairytale characters, things are quite different from the stories of the Brothers Grimm. There is a princess, Amalia, who by no means wants to get married; the sensitive Prince Bosco, who suffers from identity problems; Aladdin, who has never heard of a flying carpet; and the wicked witch, unable to fulfill any stereotype.

The two female leads are played by Jella Haase (“Fuck You Goehte” trilogy, “The Goldfish”) and Gizem Emre (“Fuck You Goehte” trilogy, “Biohackers”).

“Chantal and the Magic Kingdom”
Courtesy of Constantin Film

The cast also includes Max von der Groeben (“Fuck You Goehte” trilogy, “School of Magical Animals”), Mido Kotaini, Maria Ehrich (“Ruby Red” film series, “Prey”), Nora Tschirner (“Rabbit Without Ears,” “Wunderschön”), Frederick Lau (“Das Perfekte Geheimnis,” “The Wave”), Alexandra Maria Lara (“Downfall,” “The Baader Meinhof Complex”) and Cooper Dillon (“The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes”).

There is also a guest appearance by “Fuck You Goehte” star Elyas M’Barek.

“Chantal” is produced by Constantin’s Schömann, with Nicole Springstubbe as creative producer, and was written and directed by Dagtekin. Constantin’s Oliver Berben and Martin Moszkowicz are executive producers.

“Chantal and the Magic Kingdom”
Courtesy of Constantin Film

The film was supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), the German Federal Film Board (FFA), the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and the Czech State Cinematography Fund’s Film Incentive Program.

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