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The recent murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley has shaken many people awake about the consequences of Joe Biden’s open border policy, even as the media tries to hide the connection that her killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, not only entered the country illegally from Venezuela but was repeatedly released by authorities who could have prevented this brutal killing. 

Instead, of course, the media has gone with their usual ‘Republicans POUNCE‘ angle on the crime, as if noticing the problem of illegal immigration and its consequences is worse than an illegal alien crushing a young woman’s skull.

But Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz took things to a despicable new level today when he held a press conference in which he not only tried to blame Donald Trump (because of course he did) for creating the problem but then brazenly denied any connection between illegal immigration and crime. Watch: 

In the clip above, you can hear a little bit of the audience shouting at Girtz for lying about this issue. But in other clips  shared by Mary Katherine Ham and End Wokeness, you can hear how furious people are with him for trying to shift the blame and refusing to accept responsibility:


Girtz even tries to deny that Athens is a sanctuary city (except that it is). One of the loudest exclamations from the crowd can clearly be heard from one man, who shouts, ‘You’re a liar. You’re the one who is guilty and got blood on your hands for this murder, sir.’

Wow. We kind of want to buy that mystery man dinner. 

No, she absolutely is not the only one. Just in the past couple of days, stories have come out from Washington, DC, about other illegal immigrants who shot a police officer and also a two-year-old child in two separate incidents in DC and Maryland. And, in Louisiana, an illegal immigrant from Honduras was just arrested on charges of armed robbery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and first-degree rape … of a minor.

And, of course, we all remember the illegals who beat police officers in New York City and then flipped off the cameras when they were released without bond. And another who shot a female tourist in Times Square

But there’s no connection, right Mayor Girtz?

People are fed up and have had enough. Enough of the crime and enough of the lies from officials who are allegedly elected to serve the interests of their citizenry. 

Yet another lie. We can’t say we’re surprised. The only real surprise is that these officials think they can still get away with it. As Mayor Girtz’s constituents told him — in no uncertain terms — at his press conference today, they cannot.

Trust us when we say that many of the other responses on Twitter were just as vehement as the ones above, but we had to exclude some of them for language.

This is not something voters forget, nor should it be. Girtz was elected in 2022, so he is not up for re-election again until 2026, but we’d be shocked if he survives this term politically. 

This is a good point that is often overlooked because the media tries to use the term ‘migrants,’ or ‘undocumented immigrants.’ That is deliberately misleading. All illegal immigrants commit crimes because they enter the country ILLEGALLY. 

But now, it seems that many of them are moving on to violent crimes of the worst kind. Because the Biden administration and local Democrats are letting them do so, often with little consequence. 

Frankly, we’re more appalled at Girtz’s other comments than his pathetic attempt to pin this on Trump and the debunked lies about things he has said. But they’re still lies and it’s disgraceful for Girtz to utter them in an attempt to deflect blame. 

Thank God, indeed.  

But, of course, this is what border towns in Texas and other states have been dealing with EVERY DAY under the Biden administration. It’s sad that it took the problem spreading to other locations for people to finally shout, ‘ENOUGH,’ but at least they are shouting it. 

We hope they remember this when it comes time to vote. And not just in a mayoral election.


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