How to Transfer Your Whatsapp From Android to Iphone Without Factory Reset Iphone

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In the present digital age, WhatsApp has become an essential part of our daily communication. Whether it’s sharing moments with friends and family or planning with partners, this messaging app has revolutionized how we connect. However changing from an Android to an iPhone can cause difficulty, particularly regarding moving WhatsApp information. Numerous clients disapprove of traditional techniques like ‘Move to iOS,’ and frequently experience errors or deficient transfer. Luckily, there’s the best solution for this: iToolab WatsGo.

For failed transfers and data loss during the transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, iToolab WatsGo emerges as a reliable alternative. Unlike conventional methods, such as ‘Move to iOS,’ WatsGo ensures a smooth and easy transfer process.

Features of  iToolab WatsGo

Multidirectional Transfer:

WatsGo allows transfers not only from Android to iPhone but also from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, and iPhone to iPhone, offering outstanding flexibility.

No Factory Reset Required:

With WatsGo, there’s no need to factory reset your iPhone. With WatsGo, you can bypass this step entirely, preserving your device’s settings and data integrity. This means you can easily transfer your WhatsApp data without sacrificing your device setup

Rapid Transfer Speed:

Enjoy fast transfer speeds of up to 10240kb/s, significantly faster than conventional methods like ‘Move to iOS.’ Whether you’re transferring a few photos or a whole chat history, WatsGo ensures fast and efficient data transfer.

Stable Transfers for Large Data:

WatsGo ensures smooth transfers, even with large data volumes of up to 20GB, minimizing the risk of interruptions.

Extensive Device Compatibility:

WatsGo supports over 6000 Android devices, including popular brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, ensuring compatibility for users worldwide.

Comprehensive Data Transfer:

Transfer over 20 data types seamlessly, including images, videos, contacts, stickers, messages, and more, preserving your WhatsApp experience.


WatsGo is compatible with the latest operating systems, including iOS 16 and Android 13, as well as the newest iPhone 14 series, ensuring easy integration with your devices.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using WatsGo?


Method 1: Transfer your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without factory reset iPhone

Step 1: Download & Install, and Launch WatsGo

Begin by downloading and installing iToolab WatsGo on your computer. You can find the software on the official website. Once the installation is complete, launch the WatsGo application on your computer to start the transfer process.

Step 2:Connect Your Android and iPhone

Use USB cables to connect both your Android and iPhone devices to your computer. Make sure that both devices are properly connected and recognized by the WatsGo application.

Step 3: Enable End-to-End Encrypted WhatsApp Backup and Verify with Password

Within the WatsGo interface, navigate to the option for enabling end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp backup. Follow the instructions to verify your identity with a password or any other authentication method required by the application. This step ensures the security and integrity of your WhatsApp data during the transfer process.

Step 4:Generate WhatsApp Backup and Restore to iPhone


When both devices are connected and verified, start to generate a WhatsApp backup from your Android device. The WatsGo application will guide you through the backup process, ensuring that all relevant WhatsApp data is captured. Once the backup is complete, select the option to restore the backup to your iPhone device. WatsGo will initiate the transfer process, transferring your WhatsApp data from the Android device to the iPhone.

Step 5: WhatsApp Transferred Successfully

After the transfer process is complete, WatsGo will notify you of the successful transfer of your WhatsApp data to the iPhone.You can now disconnect both devices from your computer and access your WhatsApp data on your iPhone.Verify that all your messages, media files, contacts, and other data have been successfully transferred to ensure a seamless transition.

By following these steps, you can transfer your WhatsApp data from your Android device to your iPhone using iToolab WatsGo efficiently and securely.

Method 2:Restore Your Whatsapp Backup from an Android to an iPhone

For iToolab WatsGo – WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore Begin by launching the iToolab WatsGo application on your computer. Make sure that you have previously downloaded and installed WatsGo.

Step 1: In the main interface of WatsGo select the ‘Restore WhatsApp Backup’ option. This initiates the process of restoring WhatsApp backup files to your iPhone.

Step 2: Log into your Google account and navigate to the section where you can select the backup file. Locate the WhatsApp backup file that you previously created on your Android device.

Step 3: Select the desired WhatsApp backup file from the list displayed in WatsGo.

After selecting the backup file, it will download the backup and prompt you to confirm the restoration process.

Step 4: Depending on the size of the backup file and the speed of your computer, the restoration process may take some time to complete.

Step 5: After the WhatsApp backup was downloaded successfully, choose “Restore to device” and then connect your target device, iPhone or Android device to the computer, the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive will be restored to your iPhone in a few minutes.

Now, you can access your WhatsApp data on your iPhone. Open the WhatsApp application, and you will see all your chats, messages, media files, and other data restored as per the backup.



iToolab WatsGo sets the standard for WhatsApp data transfer, offering a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly solution for users looking to switch between devices. With its multidirectional transfer capabilities, rapid speeds, stable transfers for large data, extensive device compatibility, comprehensive data transfer options, and compatibility with the latest operating systems, WatsGo allows users to transfer data easily while restoring their data integrity and device settings.

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