Jacob Perreault is lazy, says Grant McCagg

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In the end, as expected, the Montreal Canadiens kept fairly quiet during the National Hockey League’s 2024 trade deadline.

Despite this, Kent Hughes completed a total of three transactions (including one on the day of the deadline) during the trade period.
He traded Sean Monahan to the Winnipeg Jets, Jake Allen to the New Jersey Devils and Jan Mysak to the Anaheim Ducks.
The latter transaction was the only one to bring a player to the Tricolore, as the other two involved draft picks only.
In exchange for Jan Mysak, Kent Hughes acquired Quebec forward Jacob Perreault.
The Habs general manager traded a prospect with no real place or future with the team for a Quebecer in a similar situation in Anaheim.

Since the trade, which took place early Thursday afternoon, there have been many analyses of Jacob Perreault, and the general consensus is that he’s a talented forward with an excellent shot.

So, why did the Anaheim Ducks abandon the project?
Well, according to former Habs scout Grant McCagg, Perreault is a lazy player.

Indeed, that’s what McCagg told the Sick Podcast.

The former Habs scout explained that Perreault was loaded with offensive talent, but that he wasn’t the guy with the most character, which hurt him on the ice.

His skating and his play without the puck are two aspects of his game that leave a lot to be desired, and surely explain why the Ducks traded him.

Perreault’s confidence has really plummeted in recent seasons, which explains his drop in AHL production since turning pro.

Still, McCagg says he’s a steal for the Habs, and there’s a way to get the youngster going again with this change of scenery.

Perreault has an elite aspect to his game, namely his shooting, which could really help him reach the NHL one day.

His father, Yanic Perreault, who didn’t reach the NHL until he was 25, believes that a fresh start will be of great benefit to Jacob, especially in Montreal.

The talent is undeniable in Jacob Perreault, as Nathan Gaucher testifies, so it’s all a question of regaining his confidence and working on his work ethic and skating stroke.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Perreault’s performances with the Laval Rocket, and who knows, maybe he’ll impress at the Habs’ next training camp, enabling him to make the team.

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