Jennifer Lopez’s ‘This Is Me Now’ Could’ve Had More Celebs

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The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Maybe Nick Kroll would’ve said yes.
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Jennifer Lopez’s triple threat of a love story — it’s been released as an album, a short film, and a documentary longer than the short film it’s about making — didn’t come without some heartache. In a viral clip from The Greatest Love Story Never Told doc, Lopez and her team are going through their roster of celebrities who’ve turned down a chance to squeeze into the hour-long This Is Me… Now: A Love Story. “Taylor Swift is a no,” says one producer. “Jason Mamoa is not available. Jennifer Coolidge, not available. Lizzo, not available,” says another producer, as the audience anticipates hearing, “Barack Obama said no?!” next. However, this doesn’t stop J.Lo from being a little selective on who’s invited to her masterpiece. “Do you want Vanessa Hudgens by the way?” asked a third producer before Lopez responded, “For what?” Bad Bunny, James Corden, Ariana Grande, Khloe Kardashian, and Snoop Dogg are all named but ultimately did not make it into the final product. Their loss!

While this sounds like a nightmare for a sensitive Pisces like me, the fiery Leo chalks it up to people being scared of “putting themselves out there.” But maybe the celebs didn’t get the memo? Lizzo responded to Lopez on TikTok, claiming she never received the invitation: “Ain’t nobody told me nothing. Nobody asked me! J.Lo, I love you.” It could’ve been a Kumail Nanjiani situation where her reps never told her she could’ve been one of the astrological gods. Now if Lizzo had Liz B and Liz G on her team…

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