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A new bill recently passed with bipartisan support in the Kentucky senate that would grant the right to collect retroactive child support for unborn children. The bill allows a parent to seek child support up to a year after birth for the expenses of the pregnancy itself. Senator Whitney Westerfield testified that pregnancy carries a duty of responsibility for BOTH the male and female involved in the pregnancy and any expenses incurred during the nine months of pregnancy is the duty of the other parent to help with.

According to The AP, Westerfield stated ‘I believe that life begins at conception, but even if you don’t, there’s no question that there are obligations and costs involved with having a child before that child is born.’

He is, of course, completely right. But what most don’t know? This was already the law in Kentucky, only the time frame was adjusted.

Maybe instead of wasting taxpayer money on presenting bills that mimic laws currently on the books we could, we don’t know, ENFORCE those existing laws? Just a suggestion.

That said, this has greatly angered the AWFULs (Affluent White Female Urban Leftists). Why, we can’t say. They screech about holding men accountable for pregnancy, too, but when we do, it’s somehow also bad? There is no making any heads or tails out of what the AWFULs are constantly yelling about. You’re just as terrible if you do what they demand as you are if you don’t.


Case in point. This sounds alarmingly like a threat. And for what? Making the father help cover the costs the mother incurs during her pregnancy? Isn’t that a GOOD thing??

We’re still not sure why they’re conflicted about this. They have literally been screeching about holding men accountable for pregnancy for years, and when we do that, they’re not sure how to feel about it? We guarantee if a Democrat had put forth this bill, they wouldn’t be so confused in their feelings.

They’re so mad LOL

First, no Republican is trying to outlaw contraceptives. Second, if a guy has fathered ten children, why is it a bad thing to have him pay child support for those children?

Not everyone is as unreasonably upset about this as leftists are, though.

They really are, and it’s so funny! ‘I don’t know how I feel about this bill…’

Yes you do, you just can’t say you’re happy about it because it was a Republican-sponsored bill and you can’t bring yourself to say you agree with ANYTHING connected to a Republican.

When Westerfield presented his bill to the Senate committee, he said ‘So if there’s not a child support order until the child’s 8 [years old], this isn’t going to apply. Even at a year and a day, this doesn’t apply. It’s only for orders that are in place within a year of the child’s birth.’

Weren’t abortion advocates demanding mandatory vasectomies up until now? Also, no, vasectomies are intended to be permanent, and ‘reversal’ doesn’t guarantee fertility.

As was stated earlier, this type of law already exists in Kentucky, along with most all other states.

If you’re curious about the prenatal child support laws in your state, Daniel Gump has done extensive research and you can find it right there.

Lefties? You’re welcome. We are taking your suggestions and enacting legislation to hold men accountable for pregnancy and the children they help create!


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