‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Who Got Engaged: Where Are They Now?

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from Seasons 1-6 of “Love Is Blind,” streaming now on Netflix.

Love Is Blind” has asked a question for six seasons now: Is love really blind? The experiment, during which singles date and get engaged before ever meeting, has been successful for some. Others, not so much.

Over the course of the six seasons, not every individual who gets down on one knee is on camera. The first two seasons of the Kinetic Content-produced series featured engagements that didn’t make it to air; during Season 1, Danielle Drouin got engaged to Rory Newrough and Lexie Skipper was set to marry Westley Baer; In Season 2, Catilin McKee and Joey Miller and Jason Beaumont and Kara Williams got engaged. All four couples split before tying the knot.

Logistically, it’s impossible to follow every couple — so it’s a bit of “guesswork” that goes into who producers chose to film, creator Chris Coelen told Variety after Season 2.

“In Season 1, we were following Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase, and we were like, it’s gonna be so boring. They’re gonna say yes, and, of course, they’re getting married. And they didn’t,” he shared. “We had no idea and continue to have no idea what’s going to happen in the stories that we choose.”

During Season 3, only five couples got engaged so all of their journeys were shown. While all of the pairs made it to the altar, they didn’t all make it much further. Season 4 was pretty similar — and included multiple splits before the altar. Season 5 only followed three couples and one split right after the pods. Season 6 followed five, with two making it to the altar.

Below, Variety breaks down each couple who got engaged in the pods and where they stand now.

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