Monsters Inc comes to Disney Dreamlight Valley among other Apple Arcade updates

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Sneaky Sasquatch joins What The Car in a new crossover event.

  • The Monsters Inc. realm comes to Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • WHAT THE CAR? is hosting a crossover event featuring Sneaky Sasquatch.
  • Celebrate Crayola Create and Play’s fifth anniversary with a birthday event.

Apple Arcade has announced a variety of updates. Among the games boasting new updates are Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition, WHAT THE CAR? And Crayola Create and Play+.

Sneaky Sasquatch joins WHAT THE CAR? In the game’s new crossover event. The crossover event includes new hand-drawn levels as well as a new campground area for you to explore. Additionally, the Sneaky Sasquatch X WHAT THE CAR? event brings new items to the game’s level creator.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition’s new update adds everyone’s favourite monsters, Mike and Sulley, to the game. You’ll create monster-like looks in the new Monsters Inc. realm and sneak onto the Laugh Floor. Once there, you’ll learn to make kids laugh by visiting different rooms and completing fun new Monsters Inc missions. Additionally, the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update adds new avatar customization items, including monster-inspired skin tones.

Crayola Create and Play+ is celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary with a birthday event. You can stack scoops of birthday ice cream during the event, make a creative birthday card, and enjoy birthday-flavored Cosmic Pizza.

Apple Arcade has announced the launch of a new multiplayer mode for Samba de Amido: Party-To-Go. In the new Online Match mode, you can play online with up to three other players. Further, you can also enjoy dancing to the following new songs: “Cupid (Twin Version) – Sped Up” by FIFTY FIFTY, “Do It Well” by Jennifer Lopez, and “Happy Birthday (Cake and Candles Mix).”

Other Apple Arcade titles featuring new updates include, Cooking Mama: Cuisine and Solitaire Stories. is hosting a limited-time crossover event featuring The Fall Guys exclusive skins. With the new Cooking Mama: Cuisine update, you can create Japanese desserts using the new ingredient, adzuki beans, to celebrate the birth of spring. Finally, a new tale, Super Obvious Sasquatch, comes to Solitaire Stories, bringing with it two limited-time events.

You can learn more about all the recent updates by visiting the Recently Updated section on Apple Arcade.

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