Trudeau renews funding for UNRWA, meaning Canadians now fund Hamas

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Canadian taxpayers are now funding a group with direct ties to the terrorists who attacked Israel on October 7.

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In an incredibly cowardly move, the Trudeau Liberals made a late Friday afternoon announcement that they would restore funding to UNRWA. The announcement, made in Mississauga, wasn’t communicated ahead of time to the Parliamentary Press Gallery, no advisories were posted to the Government of Canada’s website, major media outlets in the GTA were not informed.

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The announcement, from International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, was also made after 3:30 p.m. to limit the ability of major Jewish groups to respond before the Sabbath began just over two hours later. Some had already shut their offices for the weekend.

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If there was any doubt that Team Trudeau is part of Team Hamas, then doubt no more. Their denunciations of Hamas’ actions mean little when they are funding Hamas proxies like UNRWA.

The Trudeau government has been presented with evidence, including fresh evidence this week, that employees of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, participated in the Oct. 7 terror attacks against Israel. This isn’t just a few bad apples; Israel has documented more than 450 UNRWA employees who are military operatives for Hamas or other terror organizations in Gaza.

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On Tuesday of this week Israel released more evidence of UNRWA employees, including three education workers and one health worker, allegedly taking part in the Oct. 7 massacre. They released the phone recordings of some of them allegedly bragging about killing Jews or taking hostages.

“We have sabaya, I captured one!” Yousef al-Hawajara, an elementary school teacher with UNRWA boasted to his friends on Oct. 7, 2023, according to Israel.

Sabaya is the term ISIS used, and that Hamas has adopted, for the young women they take as hostages and sex slaves. A school teacher with a United Nations agency allegedly boasting of such barbaric acts and Canada is restoring funding.

Richard Robertson, Director of Research and Advocacy, B’nai Brith Canada, said the decision to restore funding to UNRWA should concern all Canadians.

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“The decision to continue supporting such a problematic and irresponsible entity, before the independent investigation into its culpability in facilitating acts of terror is even complete, actively undermines the international efforts to ensure a sustainable and peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians,” Robertson said.

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He added that UNRWA is incapable of being trusted and that Canadian aid money should be directed elsewhere.

“It is essential that our foreign-aid contributions are used to advance human dignity, and not to sustain terrorists and foster bigotry,” he said.

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The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs issued as statement saying that Trudeau and Hussen had promised to pause all funding pending an investigation.

“The investigation has yet to be completed, and UNRWA has still not been held accountable for their employees that took part in the massacre on October 7,” CIJA said.

“Urgent aid is needed for Palestinians, but UNRWA is not the answer — as the United States has effectively demonstrated.”

CIJA said they will look to challenge this decision in court.

They should, there is no excuse for Canadian tax dollars going to an organization like UNRWA. If the government is worried about getting food and medical supplies to civilians, then use UNICEF or the World Food Programme but don’t use an organization known to have collaborated with a terrorist group like Hamas and whose employees took part in the atrocities of October 7.

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The Trudeau Liberals made this announcement on March 8, International Women’s Day. They celebrated women by restoring funding to a group whose employees killed, raped and kidnapped women on Oct. 7.

“Rewarding rapists on International Women’s Day. Horrific. Disgusting. Cynical politics,” said Milissa Lantsman, deputy leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

In announcing the renewed funding, Minister Hussen said that Canada is demanding accountability from UNRWA. That’s the same kind of claim they made in 2016 when they restored the funding cut by the Harper government over terror ties.

UNRWA ignored Canada’s wishes then and will do so again.

Under Trudeau, we are funding UNRWA, which means we are funding Hamas.


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