UNO! Mobile hoping to spawn next esports superstar with $500k tournament

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  • The UNO!™ Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup will climax in January 2025
  • Qualifiers and semi-finals will take place throughout the year in July and November
  • UNO! is the official adaptation of the classic Mattel card game

Mattel163 are once more hosting a new esports tournament around…Uno? Yes, UNO! the mobile adaptation of the famous card game is once more seeing a $500k total prize-pool tournament taking place, with qualifiers taking place for the semi-finals to be held in July and November. The UNO!™ Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup will climax in January of 2025 for a shot at $30,000 in prize money.

And if you’re not familiar with the game that has ruined thousands of friendships, here’s a primer. UNO! is a simple game where each player’s objective is simply to run out of cards. However, the kicker is that you need to stack differently coloured or numbered cards on one of the same type, which can change depending on what the other players place.

You have Uno, it came free with your Xbo- I mean phone

So yeah, you could win tens of thousands of dollars by playing Uno, crazy right? Well, not as much as it may seem. Nowadays having a thriving esports scene is one way to ensure that developers can count on a dedicated and active playerbase. And with Uno having such simple rules, with equal room for both skill and luck, it makes for a compelling game to transform into an esports sensation.

How the tournament will work

But all of this depends on just how popular the game turns out to be. With a year-long tournament to go through, it looks like Mattel163 could be banking on the big money prizes to keep people interested. Still, if it does work out, who knows; maybe we’ll see Uno at the next Esports World Cup?

And if you want to get caught up, you can check out our list of Uno gift codes for February 2024 to give you a boost on other players!


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